Automated Lead Funnel for Overwhelmed Online CEOs

Automated Lead Funnel for Overwhelmed Online CEOs


So it’s happening…

Your social media pages are starting to blow up! You have people emailing and DMing you left and right but you have NO WAY to keep up with all of these leads. You hate to leave these people hanging because you love the community you’ve built but you’re already swamped as is.

What’s worse? You KNOW you’re leaving dollars on the table which in turn is limiting the MASSIVE IMPACT you were brought here on this earth to leave. However, the thought of sifting through anymore messages and the potential of meeting with people who just want to “pick your brain” or fan girl over your feed makes your skin crawl…. I hear you loud and clear, ma’am!

In this class I’ll show you the exact step-by-step system and strategy I use for myself and my clients (some of whom are multi-millionaire entrepreneurs) to qualify high-quality leads on autopilot. If you’re looking to automate, organize and simplify your lead qualification process, this video will teach you how to set up this workflow from beginning to end.

I’ll share the same technique, tools, and tips I use so that by the end of this video you’ll have everything you need to set up an automated lead qualification funnel. Just imagine, tomorrow morning you can wake up to newly scheduled discovery calls with leads you KNOW are serious and READY to work with you!

Let’s get started...

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  • front & back end considerations for designing strategic workflows

  • user-friendly, affordable tools for automation

  • designing a strategically optimized workflow custom for your business needs

  • set up your very first automation TODAY!

  • time to invest back into self, clients, biz with new systems on autopilot

  • peace of mind & confidence from automation #priceless