Best Business Workflow Automation Tools

Best Business Workflow Automation Tools

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Hey Boss! Today I’m sharing my opinions on the best and worst business automation tools! There is so much noise out there about which tools to use for automation so I’m covering the best business automation tools out there- what I've used, what I love, what I highly recommend and the tool that made me nearly throw my damn laptop out of the window.

Let’s discuss some of the most user-friendly automation tools that you can use to help you systemize and streamline business workflows but also convert the new audiences coming in contact with your business, and then following up with those audiences as well.

We're also going to cover some hacks for what's called automation testing, and this is essentially trying out different tools and different systems to see what works best for your business. No two businesses are the same therefore your automation strategy and your systems won't be either.

Tool #1: Zapier

Zapier allows you to integrate or tie together multiple platforms, so that you can automate your processes. Let's say you require your leads to be qualified in a Google Form and you want those leads to be dumped into a new Trello, or become a new Trello card. Well, currently, there's no native integration between Trello and Google Suite, for Trello and Google Forms. But using Zapier you can connect those two platforms so that once you a new lead fills out your Google Form, Zapier will automatically trigger Trello to create a new card in Trello and you now have a very easy way of keeping leads organized in one place.

You can then add another “zap” where, a Welcome email from your Gmail account, or they're added to your MailChimp list! How fun?? There are so many fun things that you can do when you're using Zapier.

Tool #2: G Suite

If you’re using Squarespace or Gmail for business then you should have your very own G Suite- a suite of apps that can be used for numerous workflows and processes. My favorite G Suite app is Google Forms. I use this app for subcontractor applications, lead qualification forms, client feedback surveys and more! It is extremely versatile and user-friendly just like the rest of the G Suite apps.

Tool #3: Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is one of my absolutely favorite tools because it not only allows me to schedule emails to individuals, resend emails to myself, and reminds me when I have not received a response from someone but also alerts me if I have not responded to an email.

Now which tool nearly made me toss my damn laptop out of the window??

Typeform! I was recently attempting to integrate MailChimp and Typeform so new typeform respondents were added to an existing Mailchimp list. After testing and testing and testing again I took my issue to their virtual support desk (handled via email- which I find ridiculous and slow but that’s the only option.) I worked with support over the course of a couple days to troubleshoot my issue but they eventually concluded that I had set everything up correctly and they would need to escalate the issues to the developers and would get back to me in two week. TWO WEEKS?! …yeah, no.

Which automation tools are your favorites? Which have made you nearly toss your laptop out of the window?Let discuss in the comments!

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