5 Workflows Every Online Entrepreneur MUST Automate

5 Workflows Every Online Entrepreneur MUST Automate

We're going to dig into what those workflows are, why they're so crucial to our success and also how to get started on all five today.

TOP 5 Biz Workflows to Automate ASAP are:

1) Lead Acquisition - Introducing new people to your community and business without sliding into all the DMs.

2) Lead Follow Up - You met with a dream client today but what’s next? How are you going to follow up with her and the next dream lead without reinventing the wheel each time?

3) Client Onboarding - For some of us that looks like sending a welcome letter sending an invoice, but essentially when you onboard a new client, they need to schedule their first meeting with you. They need to pay you and they need to sign an agreement more than likely, right? So that's massively important, because sometimes when we're doing client work and we get a new client, we're all excited. It can be a lot of work to go back to the basics and like have to manually onboard someone.

4) Passive Income -Passive income is what we all want, right? Passive income is money that you make when you're not actively working. So this can be in the form of a course or digital products.

5) Social Media Updates & Analytics -

Why these top 5 WILL make or break the next level for your business:

  • QUICK STORY: I used to wake up and see new leads and feel panicked but now I can’t tell you how liberating it is to wake up and see new leads. When new people would come into contact with my business, I had a form on my website and people would fill it out and I used to get like massive anxiety when I would wake up and go in my email and see that someone was contacting me. It was half a good anxiety and half a bad anxiety, because I didn't know whether or not this person actually knew what my services were, I didn't know where they were coming from. There were so many pieces and so many questions that I didn't have the answers to, and I also knew I didn't have the systems in place to take wonderful care of them from the moment that they filled out that form. I had to do all of that work manually.

    So now I wake up, I go in my email and I see so and so has booked a call with you and I know not only have they been added to my email list, but they're on my CRM and they have a link, they've already scheduled with me so they will have reminders and cancellations. All of that is done on autopilot and I don't have to do anything but literally show up to this connection meeting with them for the sake of this session, this class, we'll call it our discovery call, although I don't call it that and I don't think anyone else should either, but I have to just show up to the discovery call. I have their information securely recorded. I know that they're going to be taken care of in my email list. They're properly tagged in a way that I can market directly to them if they're not a current or previous client of mine.

  • Allows you the mental clarity of knowing things are working in your favor even when you aren’t actively.

  • You can show up more for you, your clients, and work on your biz not in it

  • Removing yourself from the equation of these workflows reduces pieces being overlooked, dropped, forgotten, or untimely

How to get started on all 5 TODAY:


  • What tasks are taking up too much of your time?

  • What tasks are you not doing at all that you should be doing?

  • What does the process look like from start to finish? If this, then THIS!

    BONUS TIP: DRAW IT OUT - Grab pencil and paper or go to your whiteboard and draw out what you want your workflow to look like from beginning to end.

Which of these workflows do you need set up ASAP? Which do you already have in place that made a HUGE impact on your business and life? Let me know and drop any questions below.

Want to DIY your very first workflow automation with my guidance? Click here for my class “Automated Lead Funnel for Overwhelmed Online CEOs”.

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