Automation Testing and the Number One Question When Automating Your Biz Workflows

Automation Testing and the Number One Question When Automating Your Biz Workflows


If THIS happens, then what?

I recently had a 1:1 where my client had set up a form to qualify leads. (Yay!) We reviewed the form together and I asked her, “Ok, once they’ve filled this out, then what?”

*crickets* *nervous laughter* “Well, I hadn’t really thought about that,” she responded. (YIKES!) We need to be sure these leads (who took the time to fill out your form) hear from you in a timely manner and their data is securely recorded in a way that will make sense on the front and back end of your business.

This is question ———If THIS happens, then what?——— is at the basis of EVERYTHING I do for my clients, so when you’re DIYing your own automated workflows be sure to keep it top of mind.

-What is automation testing for your biz?

 Automation testing is when you begin implementing pieces of a specific workflow within your business. Say that you are ... I'll give you an example. Say you are automating your onboarding process. When you begin to do that, things are going to screw up. Things are going to get funky. Things are going to get messy, and this is totally normal.

When we begin implementing any new technology, process, procedure, whether it be with people or with a software, things can get wonky, and so automation testing is trying out the different apps and the different softwares and the different integrations to figure out what really works best for you and your business on the front and the back end.

When I use the term integrations, what I mean is integrating one software with another. Say you're integrating your calendar with a Google form, or integrating your MailChimp account or your email mailing list with your calendar or your forms. There's a lot of different things that you can integrate. That's what I mean when I say the word integrations.

-Why automation testing is crucial for success

-Your biz is your baby and if you have kids you know, no two are the same- the same goes for your biz, your systems and the strategy that is going to carry you and your biz to the next level. Automation testing allows you the space to figure out what works best for YOU, and your business on the front end ie CX- WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE and backend- the pieces you and your team interact with.

-It may work for you but may not make sense to your clients or your team if you have one

-Things take time- even with tech, it’s not one and done. You’re building an empire and Rome wasn’t built in a day so if you want to build out automated systems and workflow for the long run it’s going to take some time

This is a biggie. Your business is your baby, right? If you have kids or you have kids in your family, everyone knows that there are no two that are the same, and the same goes for your business. The strategy and the systems that are going to carry you into the next level in your life and your business need to work around you.

Automation testing allows you that space to figure out what works best for you, what works best for your business, your clients and team members if you have them. We'll talk a little bit more about CX. CX is how people feel when they interact with your business as they're going through your processes and procedure. One of the things I really like to focus on with my clients is many of them already have great followings. Their audiences are already very warmed up to who they are, and there is a concern that once we begin automating that we lose that human touch. A lot of what I do is ensuring that that human feel doesn't get lost because people buy from people.

When you're automating workflows, keep that in mind. That's a little bonus I'm throwing in there. Again, why is automation crucial for your success? Because your business is your baby. No two are the same, and testing allows you the space to figure out what works for you. A lot of times when we think about technology, implementing new strategy, new technologies, we are so quick to think that it's going to be like this. It's going to happen quickly. That's not the case. Especially when we're thinking about your business, it's going to take some time. Now, that's my next point. My next point is that things take time even with technology.

We already talked about this, but as you're building this empire, Rome was not built in a day, so you've got to take the time to build out those automated systems, build up those workflows for the long run. We're thinking about your business in a year, in two years, in five years from now. It's not going to be the same.

-Top 3 tips for automation testing

1- Pick one workflow at a time

I'm going to share a little story with you guys. First, picking One workflow at a time is going to keep you from getting overwhelmed. When I say one workflow, I mean onboarding your clients or following up with your clients or lead acquisition. If you're trying to automate all of those pieces of the pie at one time, you're going to make a mistake, as I did recently. I have a client where I was being a bit of an overachiever and trying to have my hand in different buckets at one time, which I already know is a big no, no.

I already know that I need to be focused on one thing at a time, but as many of you other boss ladies know, sometimes we don't always practice what we preach, and it can come back to bite us in the ass, right?

Pick one workflow at a time. I recently made the mistake of trying to work on multiple workflows at one time, and I made a pretty big goof.

I made a pretty big mess up, and although I have wonderful clients, and it wasn't like no big deal. I was upset with myself because it's like, "I know this is the way it's supposed to be done." I had to move forward from that mistake, but it's so important to just pick one thing at a time to work on. 

2- Prioritize your CX

When you're sitting there thinking about automating those workflows, think about what your customer is experience as they're going through that automation. Is it easy? Is it efficient? Is it timely? Again, that human element, does it sound like you?

I have some reminder emails that go out, and the draft of them sounded something like, "Reminder, [super formal, robotic text here]" but that's not how I sound. That's not how I show up. If you've got a message from me that sounded like that, it would feel funny. It might not rest well with you, so prioritize your customer experience. Bring that human element in. The easiest way to bring that human element in is within the copy that people will see in your automation. Next month, we're going to dive into bringing that human element in, really dive into that topic because I think that's very important.

As more things become automated, especially within business, it's important to integrate that human element into our copy, into the automations so that people don't lose touch with us, because they're buying from us or they initially connected with us.

3- Take your time

Do one thing at a time, and really go piece by piece. When I do an automation ... I should show you guys. I don't know. My desk is a mess right now, so forgive me, but from beginning to end, sorry, what pieces of this workflow can I automate?

Break it down into little segments and take your time with each piece as you're testing.

BONUS tip: Plan for the long run- is it going to work for you? Your team?

If you're building a business, you're building an empire. I don't think any of us have started a business because we just for funsies, "This shit is hard." 

Plan for what is going to work for you long term if you have a team. Even if you don't have a team yet, start planning for your team, because as soon as you become an entrepreneur, you're not planning to be involved in that business 225% of the time for the rest of eternity. No.

At some point, your ass wants to be laid back on the beach in Mexico, chilling, collecting those checks while you step in. You can step in and do what it is you're really, really good at while making that income and that impact you've always dreamed of, and you have help from people that do the other things that are required to run your business. I'll say this. I've said this before. People will tell you, delegate, delegate, delegate, delegate. I shared a stat last week. 47% of the American workforce is estimated to be replaced by automation by the year 2030. That's like 10 years away, 11 years away. That being said, why is that?

The longterm investment is much, much more cost effective than delegating to another human being. Also, once your automations are set up, you sit back, and you collect those checks. I don't know about you guys, but that's what I like. That's what Mama likes. 

What workflows have you test in your business? Let me know below.

Questions? Drop them below or slide into my DMs on Instagram @virtualbossbreakroom

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