Will Automation Kill Your Biz?

Will Automation Kill Your Biz?

In 2013, an Oxford Study was published stating that 47% of the American workforce will be replace by automation by the year 2030. Those are some pretty scary numbers! But how will this affect YOUR BUSINESS?

So first, what the automation craze means for your biz?

Innovation: We are going to have to get innovative and we're going to have to get creative with the way we go about things within our businesses. That starts from the leadership and trickles down.

Intention: Extra care needed!!! From meetings to workfows- automation means we are going to have to be extra intentional about everything we do! We can't lose sight of the humanity in our work as we move towards this period of where we're automating more frequently. How is your customer feeling as they move through your automated processes? Do they feel good? Do they feel connected to you? Is the copy that they're reading is it in your voice?

Influence: You must become an authority and a leader within your niche.

Now, why you should be planning ahead with automation?

Prep: No matter where you're at in your business, you want to grow. You want to grow personally. You want to grow professionally. You want to grow financially. And one of the best ways that you can do that is to prepare for your own growth with automation that makes your life simple, simplifies things so that you don't have to constantly and consistently do all of the things. You shouldn't have to do that. And the moment you become an entrepreneur, I don't think this is really talked about enough. The moment that you become an entrepreneur you are preparing for your absence.

Next Level: The next level in your business does not consist of you constantly doing all of the things. In order to get to that next level though we have to begin showing up and taking the action that's required to get to that next level. And the big difference between what's going to convert somebody and what is going to move them forward in your process and your procedure is hitting the points we’re discussing today.

Mistakes: Next level you, your next level business, you that's prepared for growth, your business that's prepared for growth, doesn't have simple stuff that's falling through the cracks. You know what I mean? Like forgetting to schedule this, or send this, or follow up here, or leading, touching base with somebody like a great lead and then losing touch with them forever and always. Because you're too busy doing all of the things. Way too much then what you're passionate about and what you want and need to be focused on.

Next level you is able to focus on your income, and your influence, and the impact that you're leaving on this planet and is not worried about lead generation, and client acquisition, qualification, follow up, onboarding, all of those things can be automated. And when you really step into your power and that next level of your self in your business you want to have those systems and the strategy in place to do that.

Ok, last point- how can you take advantage of automation to give yourself a competitive edge within your niche?

Automated Influence: Being in the online space you and I both know that there is a lot, a lot, a lot of noise and a lot of competition online. So, what is it that's going to set you apart from Sally, Joe, Jill, and Jamie? What is it? Is it just you showing up as yourself? Well yeah that's part of it. But behind the scenes what is it that really is going to set you apart and give you that competitive edge within your niche? It's having those systems in place and having that strategy in place where you can onboard with the click of a button. [inaudible 00:14:26] up with leads because that whole process is on autopilot right. And that's what's really going to set you apart from the competition and give you that competitive edge within your niche is that you have the ability and the freedom to focus on your existing clients and creating new connections and really engaging on a higher level, on a more intentional level, and a more authentic level.

Let me know what you think automation means for your business! Are you looking forward to this change in the way we do we business?

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